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Striper Fishing In Belmar New Jersey Is set to Pick up

Striper Fishing In Belmar New Jersey Is set to Pick up

With the official start to the New Jersey Striper season just a couple of days away anticipating anglers are drawn to the edge of their seat filled with anxiety as to when the Bio-Mass of Stripers will arrive. Like I have stated in my Previous article our charter operation LOVES fishing the early season run. Why? Because typical there are a lot less anglers on the water, and the fishing is many times, drop and reel. Simply put it is down right FUN!

Many of our customers cringe at the thought of trolling for Stripers, while others embrace and enjoy utilizing another method, however truth be told, trolling can be the most productive method for finding stripers. Fishing out of our home port of Belmar New Jersey you are presented with a plethora of options for where you want to start your hunt for these fish. Yes, I do have a rather diverse arsenal of numbers I typically fish for Stripers at, but honestly they are not always there. It is imperative to realize that often times the extra work and time that can go into finding the fish will pay big dividends in the long run. I, my self am not what many would consider a patient man, for that reason I am confident in saying that if I am a fan of trolling then maybe it is not be all that boring thus people that pass up this method in search of greener grass, in my opinion are not doing themselves just.

When we are in search of these fish in the early season, we do not go out of the inlet and immediately deploy the trolling spread. Instead we first depend on information gathered on land and by research. Looking at sea temp charts and atmospheric conditions before you leave always adds to our advantage over the fish. Many fisherman and captains do not do the proper research before heading out and instead waist time on the water not catching in compensation for their lack of preparation.

I am in no way saying that if you charter our boat and say that you do not want to troll, that it will upset or even bother me. In my experience this has just proven it’s self to be a fish finder like no other. Then once you find the fish the way you capitalize on maximum catches is to then use more traditional methods such as Jigging or Bait fishing. When fishing in Belmar New Jersey, because this area is so different compared to other area’s it is important to utilize many different methods of fishing.

As stated in a previous article the typical lift and drop of an everyday diamond jig has claimed the lives of more stripers on my boat than any other method. The largest efficiency factor to hooking up is making sure you are on top of the fish. When you are jigging, you typically do not cover a large amount of area, and our currents here in New Jersey do not run as heavy as they do in other area’s so it is up to us to make sure that we get on top of the fish and stay on top of them. Utilizing the information that the sounder presents to you can be the difference between a blow out day, and an ok day. Nevertheless the sounder does not offer any clues to you as to what is going on 100 yards off your port bow. You must then keep your eye’s open for diving birds, mammal life, and even fish breaking water because there are not always birds working the bait that gets pushed up to the surface by feeding fish. When you constantly look around and take note of all the things going on around you from a fishing point of view, you realize how much you have been missing. I know that my catch numbers improved quite a bit when I finally pulled my nose out of the electronics and opened my eyes.

When you are doing all this work to find the fish and get on top of them, it is necessary to remember that it will ultimately be your rod, reel, line, and tackle that catches the Stripers. At the beginning of every season, and intermittently though out our gear is completely disassembled, rebuilt, and relined. Plus our hooks are sharpened, our split rings checked, and all of our through wires are inspected. Personally the most irritating thing to me is a tackle malfunction, simple because your tackle and equipment is the one thing that is 100% in your control, and there fore when you fish with gear that is not in top shape you are immediately minimizing your odds.

So when the start of the Striper season finally reaches the shores of New Jersey are you going to be fishing with the best odds that you can be or are you going to be satisfied with a minimum effort. The Jersey Nutz crew guarantee’s that we will work our butt’s off for you and make sure that we have done everything in our power so that you catch the fish of a life time! That is what we are all about here at Jersey Nutz sport fishing, so get ready because we are anticipating one heck of a season and we want you to be apart of it.