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Captain Robert Melton Jr: Captain Robert Melton Jr (RJ) has been fishing the offshore and inshore waters of the East coast since he could walk. Always looking to improve his run and gun style of fishing you can be sure that nothing less than 100% effort is given on your trip. Captain RJ has been a part of multiple tournament placements throughout the years on the Jersey Nutz and is always looking for new challenges. Having fished from such destinations as Costa Rica, Mexico, Florida, California, Alaska, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Lake Ontario, and Maine has allowed him to gather a plethora of knowledge on fishing styles and techniques, bring them all together and putting them to use for your benefit. He enjoys having conversations with all of his customers and learning about their different fishing experiences, so please feel free to engage in any conversation you would like.



Captain Cody Melton: Capt. Cody earned his captains license at the age of 21 after working on the water for most of his life. Capt Cody has ran over two hundred trips to the canyons at the helm of a private vessel and Jersey Nutz over the last several years. Some of his experience includes fishing the biggest tournaments on the east coast and earning hundreds of thousands in tournament winnings in addition to running over 70 charters a year. Cody has proven himself as a dedicated person when it comes to completing a task and will be your point of contact when booking your next trip with us. As an owner of the Jersey Nutz business you can rest assure Cody will do everything he can at every moment of the trip to make it the best experience possible.


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Please DO NOT place a deposit without confirming dates with Cody first. Text him at 609-354-2734 for confirmation