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Manasquan New Jersey Striper update 3/28

The Stripers have been moving in slowly but surely here in the past couple of weeks. We have been hearing of some signs of life showing up off of the beach a little further south, some Whales have been spotted, off of Sea Side, with some gannets mixed in. This is telling us that the stripes have to be mixed in or right behind the whales, as they are feeding on the same bait, which will soon be holding the fish. Some of our friends that also fish the upper Delaware have landed some Bass, telling us that the fish are going to be up in the rivers in no time. Hearing all this about the current Striped Bass migration is good news for us, as this will mean fish will be funneling out of the Delaware bay spawning grounds, just as the Raritan bay fish, make their way up in, and we should not experience to much of a deficit in between runs. The stripers are set to make a strong appearance any day now, and we are going to be ready to capitalize!