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Left em chewing today

Left em chewing today, looks like the west did exactly as we were hoping. With a couple days of slow fishing we decided to take a little break to see if the fish would come back inside the line after getting pushed out by a couple strong easterly blows, looks like the fish did as we were hoping and came nosing into the wind.

Excellent action 11/24 for our charter

Excellent action 11/24 for our charter, captured our under limit, 2 bonus tags, and a few more releases all before the east wind blew us back to the dock.

Excellent fishing continued again

Excellent fishing continued again for us today on our Thanksgiving day trip! We were able to get on the fish right away and make it back to the dock early with plenty of meat for the table! Looks to be another chilly one tomorrow, we just hope the fishing continues to be as good!

Got on the grounds yesterday fishing by our lonesome

Heavy Metals got on the grounds yesterday fishing by our lonesome. Found yellowfin and all the mahi you wanted! Spent some time wahoo fishing as well but no love from the toothy critter!

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