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Offshore Tuna Fishing in New Jersey. Fishing the Canyon's off the coast of New Jersey can put you on top of one of the best Tuna, Marlin, Mahi, and Swordfish spots on the entire east coast. The Tuna season typically runs from June through the end of October and can be fished any time in between. During a typical Trip you can expect to be away from the dock for a period of time between 24 and 30 hours. This time includes a 4-5 hour boat ride to our fishing spot as well as a return trip of equal length.

Once we are on the grounds the intensity is picked up and we are on the hunt for fish. Reading the water, water color, Mammal life (Dolphins, and Whales) and birds, will help us find the target species. Also, our on board electronics will help us in the hunt, hinting at subsurface structures, bait pods, and fish, the instrumentation is an essential tool.

Upon arrival it will typically be daylight, and in this circumstance we will deploy what we call a Spread (Our assortment of lures) and troll for fish during the day light hours. Usually the boat will be moving a long between 6-7 kts which will imitate the speed of a typical bait fish moving along. We will be pulling our lures over the contours and edges of the continental shelf. During the night time however it is a different ball game, we will use natural baits presented on hooks and draw the fish to the boat through chumming. We can use different methods of finding the fish for the night time bite. If we are able to find the fish before we are forced to stop trolling then we will deploy the anchor and park our self's on top of the fish. If however we are unsuccessful in finding the fish we will then set up for the drift to carry us over the best structure in the area. If need be we will make several moves during the night to cover as much ground as possible.  

When a Tuna or other species is hooked up on the troll or chunk the atmosphere on the boat can quickly turn to beyond hectic, with the possibility of hooking up to 10 Tuna at a time, things can become very exciting. However Our experienced and professional crew will coach you and your party members through every step of the process to bring one of these Mammoths in the boat. Delicately dancing while fighting Tuna is an extremely difficult skill to master and is what makes this sport so exciting. The battles that take place on our vessel is why our crew loves doing what they do. We understand that this can be a trip of a lifetime for our clients and as such we will go to great lengths to ensure a successful trip. We are a full service Charter company and have the skill, knowledge, and passion that it takes to make your trip successful.

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